The sky is falling…




In case you haven’t heard, my neck of the woods is slated to get anywhere from 2 to 36 inches of snow in the next 48 hours. This is entirely crappy, because I’m slated to teach a sold out Saw Sharpening class in Connecticut on Saturday.

So, I just got off the phone with Bob Van Dyke at CT Valley School of Woodworking and he and I have decided to move the class from Saturday the 9th to Sunday the 10th. Same time…same place…new day. Bob reported last night that many students had already contacted him eagerly anticipating a schedule change.

So, if you’re signed up for class and afraid that you’re taking your own life into your hands by driving anywhere on Saturday, rest assured. You will live to see another day. Stay home on Saturday. Crank your eTon radio. Eat your MREs slowly. And don’t break the furniture up for firewood until you’ve burned through the wood chips from your scrap bin first. Then, change your long-johns and meet me in class at 9:30am sharp Sunday morning.

If you are enrolled and can’t make it, please let Bob know ASAP as there are a few people on the wait list more than willing to risk their lives.

See you Sunday.

Oh…and please don’t contact me about not being able to make it to class. I’ll be busy drinking my own urine and digging a tunnel from my font door to the surface.

-Matt :)

3 Responses to “The sky is falling…”

  1. chuck says:

    Don’t drink your urine. Melt the snow from the tunnel. Or if that’s impossible drink someone else’s urine. Free advice from sunny Phoenix, Az where it was 75 degrees and sunny today.

  2. ralph boumenot says:

    Hi Matt,
    Got a question for you. Have you seen the new saw filing thingie that Lee Valley just came out with? Curious as to your thoughts/opinion on it.
    I’ll keep happy thoughts on a small pile of the white stuff being dumped on us.

    • matt says:

      Hi Ralph

      I’ve seen it…but I’m not much for those gadgety kinds of tools. To me, its just easier to use the old block of wood.

      Hope you’re keeping warm. :)


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