More Handsaws for SALE!!!

Fall is my favorite time of year. There’s nothing like waking early on a crisp weekend morning in New England, coffee in hand, on the way to hunt rusty gold at a flea market or auction. As such, I’ve piled up quite a few great user saws this season and finally tuned them up ready for sale.

All of the following saws are freshly filed, razor sharp and ready to go. Prices INCLUDE shipping to the continental US with tracking and insurance. I accept Paypal, checks, and credit or debit cards. To purchase, please email me at: Its first come, first served. You can also check out the customer feedback on my website:

C.E. Jennings #1 and 1/2 22inch, 11 points crosscut, c.1900: This scarce and beautifully balanced panel saw features a skew back, apple tote with wheat carving and a distinctive etch. Jennings was a high-end maker of many hand tools and this tool is a wonderful example. It is filed with 15 degrees of rake and 25 degrees of fleam which enable its 11 point to make smooth, clean cuts with ease. The perfect finish saw for soft and hard woods. It pains me to sell this saw, but its gotta go! SOLD!

Disston & Sons D-8 26inch, 10 points crosscut, Lightweight pattern, c.1940: This fine crosscut saw harkens from the days of perhaps Disston’s finest steel. By this point in the 20th century, Disston had perfected their steel formula, and saw manufacturing was at an unprecedented level of quality. The lightweight pattern provides a narrower toe and easier to handle tool. Filed with 15 degrees of rake with 25 degrees of fleam for wonderfully smooth cuts in hard and soft wood. Perhaps the only crosscut saw a woodworker would ever need. SOLD!

Disston & Sons D-7 24inch, 6points rip, c.1928: You could call this an in between sized hand saw…bigger than the typical panel saw, but not quite full-sized. Filed with 4 degrees of rake and no fleam for ripping soft and hard woods, this wood be a prefect first rip saw for the novice or a handy second ripper for the more experienced. Nice patina and great balance. SOLD!

Disston & Sons D-7 26inch, 7points crosscut, Lightweight pattern, c.1950: Another wonderful D-7 from the later period of Disston’s quality years. The steel in these later saws is second to none…very tough and it will hold an edge longer than any other. A very fast, aggressive cross cutting saw filed with 15 degrees of rake and 25 degrees of fleam. Perfect for breaking down stock. This ones barely even a teenager in saw years. SOLD!

Disston & Sons D-7 26inch, 5.5points rip, Lightweight pattern, c.1930: A very nice all around rip saw in 5.5 points filed with 4 degrees of rake for general work in all woods. Once again, the steel in this saw is phenomenal. You won’t need to sharpen this one for a long time! SOLD!

That’s all for now, boys ‘n girls. Feel free to email me with questions. Enjoy!


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  1. Keith Engelhart says:

    I’m interested in a ripping saw to use in red and white oak, maple, cherry, and some walnut. I don’t mind a shorter saw. The Disston & Sons D-7 24inch, 6points rip, c.1928 looks interesting. Would you recommend that saw or have you got something else that might better serve my purpose. Thanks.

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