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Pictoral: How I File a Saw

A recent customer asked if I would document the process of taking his old Disston D-8 (at left) and share Continue Reading →

Saw Parts Suppliers

I remember years ago when I first started making saws and how hard it was to find parts. No one Continue Reading →

Q&A on Smith’s Carcase Saw…

          My recent post about the carcase saw I built based on Joseph Smith’s ‘Key to Continue Reading →

Joseph Smith’s Carcase

The last two weeks have been a bit of a blur (I was sick), but somewhere in the mix I Continue Reading →

Slotting a Saw Tote….

Until now, I have always instructed students in my saw building classes to cut the saw blade slot in their Continue Reading →

I Cant…

              Ever since I first saw the hand saws pictured in Joseph Smith’s ‘Key Continue Reading →


I think Joseph Moxon may have been a crazy drunkard….and a self-bloated thief for sure. Everyone knows that Moxon stole Continue Reading →

Bigger teeth cut faster?

      A reader emailed me today asking about why his 5 point Disston rip saw isn’t cutting any Continue Reading →


In the last batch of saws I sold, I mentioned how great the steel is in early 20th century Disston Continue Reading →


If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last few years it’s that handsaws are greater than the sum of Continue Reading →