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I remember years ago when I first started making saws and how hard it was to find parts. No one sold brass backs or saw hardware or saw plates. If you wanted to make a saw you had to fabricate the parts yourself, or scavenge them from old saws. And neither is too much fun when all you want to do is make a saw and not get an internship in a machine shop.

Fast forward to 2013 and the wonderful reality that is the 21st Century American Hand Tool Renaissance.

Thanks to a small number of enterprising people, and the growing demand to resurrect and revitalize our appreciation for meat powered tools, we now have several commercial sources of excellent quality parts and supplies for saw making.

I use parts from all of these suppliers and can personally vouch for every one. These are the same parts that I use every day in my shop. They ALL offer top quality and awesome customer service:

Saw Plates, templates, plans and more:

Complete saw kits, backs and fasteners:

Saw Kits, split nut fasteners and driver bits:

Saw Fasteners, supplies and filing aides:

So what are you waiting for….get building!!!! Any schmuck can build a saw. Believe me….if I can make one, so can you.  And if you’re a bit nervous about jumping into the whole project then you’re in luck again, because I also teach a two-day class at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking on making a backsaw from rough components.

And starting with this next class in July, we are now offering students the option to choose the size of their saw! That’s right…..thanks to Ron Bontz at Bontz Saw Works, students now order their saw kits directly. You can pick any saw you want, from a tiny 8 inch dovetail saw to a monster 18 inch tenon saw (though I recommend starting with the 12 inch backsaw kit). Let Ron know your preferences when you place your order. Then just bring the kit with you to class and I’ll show you how to turn it into a top-notch tool. It’s a blast. And you certainly don’t have to take the class to buy a kit from Ron, or parts from any of the suppliers above.

Check out the details on the saw building class: Build a Backsaw July 20-21st

And just to make the whole experience a little more fun, I’ll now be adding a ’Gallery’ section on the blog to post pics of saws made by students, readers and fellow saw lovers.

So get building and keep in touch. :)


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  1. Andrew Duprey says:


    I have been considering making a back saw for some time, but have been a little intimidated by the process…heck I’ve never even sharpened a saw…yet…

    I am stationed in Germany and if not for that fact would be signing up for your course.

    Do you know of any good video resources or books that detail the process? I like videos for the simple fact that I am a visual learner, but I can do the book learnin’ as well.

    Thanks for your time and your great blog/site.

    • matt says:

      Hi Andrew

      Thanks for the question. In fact I do know of a good resource…me! ;) I just completed filming two hours of instructional footage with Popular Woodworking Magazine for an on-line class on building a backsaw from one of the kits I posted above. PopWood will host the class on their site and once you are signed up, students will be guided by the videos, an online forum, and live video interaction with me as well.

      Class size is limited, but after the launch, anyone will be able to purchase/stream/download the videos anytime and build their saw. Plus, you can email me questions at your leisure.

      The PopWood video team is editing the videos now, and we’re negotiating a launch date for the class, but it looks like sometime in June. Stay tuned for more details.


  2. Fil says:

    I recently built a back saw and found that getting a brass spine was the hardest part to track down. Luckily, I found Ron Bontz online and he was able to supply one. Superb guy.

    Thanks for putting all this information on one page. I bet there are loads of us out there who would try to rehab/build saws but just didn’t know how to source the parts.

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