Q&A on Smith’s Carcase Saw…






My recent post about the carcase saw I built based on Joseph Smith’s ‘Key to the Manufactories of Sheffield’ has generated a lot of comments, emails and questions, so I thought I would respond to some of them collectively and post the answers here for all others interested.

Here goes…

Q:  Besides the 12 in length, and 1/2″ cant you mentioned on the last post, do you mind giving the rest of the dimensions – i.e. the height of the blade and the thickness of the back at the the toe and at the the tote respectively? What thickness plate did you end up using?

A: The depth under the back tapers from about 2.5 inches down to just shy of 2 inches at the toe. The brass back is 1/4 of an inch thick and it tapers in depth from about 0.75 to about 0.50 inches along the length. The plate of the saw is 0.020 inches thick 1095 spring steel.


Q: Where did you get the materials for the saw?

A: The saw plate is from TGIAG.com, the brass back is from BontzSawWorks.net and the nuts are from ToolsForWorkingWood.com


Q: Is that a slotted back? How did you shape the back to make it look folded?

A: Yes, the back is slotted brass bar. I shaped the corners into smooth round-overs to appear like a traditional folded brass back. I used files and sandpaper for the shaping…brass is very easy to work with files.


Q: What is the tooth spacing? Rake? Fleam?

A: 14 points per inch filed with 10 degrees of rake and 10 degrees of fleam for ripping and crosscutting.


Q: What copy of ‘Smith’s Key’ are you working from and where did you get it?

A: My copy is the 1975 EAIA reprint. I purchased it on Amazon and you can too…they aren’t cheap, but worth every penny IMHO.


Q: Are you making this saw available for sale? Will you build one for me?

A: If you are interested in purchasing one of these saws, I am making a few of them for sale. Each saw will be one of a kind, custom made to order including tote sizing to the user and tooth spacing of your choice. This is not a “production saw”…they are made start to finish, one at a time. I don’t “batch” parts. I have two orders now and will be taking a few more. Price is $400. For more details please email me at: matt@thesawwright.com



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