EAIA Annual Meeting

This May I will be traveling to near-by Cape Cod to be a part of the Early American Industries Association’s Annual Meeting. If you are not a member of the EAIA, then you should be. They are a wonderful group of men and women dedicated to preserving the tools, technology and skills of early American trades.

This year’s annual meeting is sure to be one of the best yet, but not just because I’ll be there demonstrating saw sharpening on Saturday May 18th, but because Chris Schwarz and Peter Follansbee will also be speaking and demonstrating. I’m incredibly honored to be a part of this years activities. I’m pulling out all the stops and will be filing up some classic American handsaws and might even bring some big cross-cut saws to saw my wife in half (if I can get her big pregnant belly in that damn wooden box). I’m also really looking forward to hearing Chris speak on Saturday the 18th about traditional tool chests. That’s sure to be worth the trip alone.

On Thursday May 16th Peter will be demonstrating and speaking at Plimoth Plantaion where he chops wood day after day. If you’ve never gotten to visit this historic place and see Peter work, then you’re missing out. I spent a day last January with Peter in his shop and met the carpenters and blacksmith who work on the Plantation….it was like Disneyland for big boys. :)

There’s tons more scheduled too…..and that doesn’t even include the usual hand tool revelry. The tailgating is second to none and there’s a tool auction, tool trading, tool displays and tailgating. Did I mention tailgating? And tools? You can check out the full schedule and travel/hotel accommodations at the website. I could go on and on about how great this event is going to be (its EAIAs 80th anniversary, by the way) but you can read all about it on the web.

So come and meet Chris, Peter and some of the other crazy whack jobs like yourself who eat, sleep and breathe old tools and wood. I can’t wait.

I hope to see you there.;)



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