Spring Projects…

This week I finished up the back and plate for my new carcase saw based on Joseph Smith’s ‘Key’ . The tote is all shaped as well and the linseed oil is drying. A couple coats of shellac and some tuning and filing and it’ll be ready for my meaty little hands.

I’m building this saw as a model for a two day saw building class that I’m teaching at the St. Louis Woodworker’s Guild. It was a good motivator for me to build this saw, which I have fantasized about for years (What…You don’t fantasize about saws too???). I’ve always wanted to replicate the form, but never found the time. I’m excited to run it through some wood.

I’ve got lots of other projects coming up too. A day after I get back from St. Louis, I’ll be back on a plane and heading to¬† Cincinnati to work on some top secret projects that I’m so excited about, a little bit of pee squeezes out when I talk about it. More about that later. (The projects, not the pee) ;)

Then in May I’ll be at the EAIA annual meeting which I mentioned yesterday. After that I’ve got classes in saw sharpening and saw making at the CT Valley School of Woodworking in June and July, respectively.

But despite all of this craziness, its still a great time to send me a saw or two for filing and tuning up. My turn around time is at about 4 – 6 weeks right now. You can check out my rates for saw work at my website: TheSawWright.com

To inquire about saw sharpening services you can email me at: matt@thesawwright.com

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