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I’ve been building some prototype saws over the last year with thoughts of offering a production line for sale. Many readers and customers have emailed me about the impending availability of said saws, but I have now decided to permanently shelf the idea.

Over the holidays I took some time to decide what direction I wanted to take my business in the next few years, and I have decide to focus on saw sharpening and teaching. After much reflection, I realized that what I love to do most is file saws and teach. Once I made this realization and allowed it to sink in, I was instantly energized. I think this is called an epiphany.

So my schedule over the next six months is jam-packed with classes, events and exciting new projects to promote education on handsaw sharpening, restoration and saw making. I’ve got about half a dozen really cool things up in the air right now, and as they firm up, I’ll announce them here.

On top of that, I’ve poured every spare minute into my backlog and have whittled it down to a 4 to 6 week turn around time, and I have every intention of keeping it there. Saw filing is my yoga. I can’t live without it. :)

I’ve made lots of changes to my website as well. I’ve added lots of links, started a new blog, and will be expanding my Gallery of work, plus adding a new shopping feature for t-shirts, tuned up vintage saws and lots more.

It looks like 2013 is going to be a big year for handsaws. :)


P.S….the pics are of a recent 16 inch tenon saw I built based on a mid-19th century saw in my collection. For the geeks: 0.025 plate, 10 points per inch filed with 10 rake/ 10 fleam. European beech tote in London pattern and saw plate canted about 1/4 inch. Rips and crosscuts like a champ. Very fast and smooooth!

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  1. Jason C says:

    PS – Congrats on your decision to move forward with filing and teaching. You have to follow your heart, which so few people do. It takes courage and passion, both of which you have. Good luck as your business continues to grow!

  2. Bruce L says:

    Matt stated what I was thinking. Follow your heart and be happy! Good luck!

  3. Ryan Bishop says:

    Nice! What’s the hang angle on this bad boy?

  4. Dan Murphy says:

    Let me add my congratulations for having the courage to pursue your passions.

    Given the state of the economy, I also think your decision might be a greater service to the woodworking community. A lot of us have more time than money these days. Everyone has some new premium tool they’d love to buy, but restoring a vintage tool or making your own is often more rewarding (and financially realistic).

    By teaching classes and making quality tools accessible and affordable, you’re helping to make sure that all this amazing hand-tool knowledge isn’t lost a second time.

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