One more from class…

I got another email this morning from one of my ‘Build A Backsaw’ students with pictures of his finished saw. Joe, like every one else in class, had completed his saw and was cutting tenons by the end of the second day, but was still deciding on a finish for his beech tote. Interestingly enough, he chose to sand his tote to 400 grit and then simply apply paste wax. Very nice, Joe!

I love beech for saw totes…it is the perfect species. It is not really known for its aesthetic appeal, but I think it looks as nice as any wood when you polish it up….

If you’d love to build your own backsaw too, I’ll be teaching this two-day class again at the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking in August. You can sign up for class here.


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  1. Dan Murphy says:

    Beautiful work. You must be an excellent teacher.

    Beech may not be the most impressive-looking wood initially, but it ages beautifully. Just look at the planes and saws in the Seaton chest.

  2. Justin McBride says:

    Awesome looking saw. Any chance you can make a video of the class for purchase for those of us who can’t travel to Connecticut?

  3. Toby says:

    Are their handles all made from the same template? Would you share it with us? Where do you get the saw nuts?

    • matt says:


      All of the saws are not made from the same template…I don’t use templates. In this case and the previously posted tote ( they both chose to copy the tote on my saw that I designed. I simply let them try my saw and if they like it, they trace the tote. However, I leave it up to them to chose from several designs or to design their own. One student in this class even did an open tote in Cocobolo…it was awesome. :)

      I don’t have a template, but I can post some pics.


  4. Greg says:

    Reiterating Toby’s question…. Where do you get the saw nuts?

  5. Hi Matt,
    What is the required skill level for this class? I don’t think the woodworking part is a problem. I’m more concerned with the metal working part.

    • matt says:


      An excellent question, but working saw steel and the brass back really couldn’t be easier. There is definitely no skill level required. I share a few tips and tricks with the students to ease them into it, but 90% of the students so far have never done any metal working what so ever, including working on saws.

      If you are thinking of taking the class but nervous about the metal work, have no fear…its very easy. :)


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